Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4: About School... Sort of

My intention was to go back to school, at least part-time, this semester. That lasted for all of two weeks.

As it turns out, the folks in the transcript office just got around to looking at the transcript that I had sent in from MSU. I had been under the impression from the conversation that I had had with a counselor previously that none of my classes would ultimately transfer back. Apparently, this was a false impression.

The lady from the transcript office called me the day before the refund date to let me know that the Intro to Journalism class I had enrolled in for the semester correlated with a class that I took at State. She had just noted on my WCC transcript that I had already taken and passed the class.

At that point I had two options. The first of my options was to drop the class that day and get my full refund. The second option was to retake the class and have her wipe the record of having already completing the credit from my transcript.

Having no desire to retake or repay for a class that I had apparently already taken, I dropped the class. There was a moment in which I contemplated finding a class to fill that gap so that I might remain a part-time student, but that was going to be trickier said than done nearly three weeks into the semester.

At any rate, one other class transferred in as well, so now I am only six classes away from FINALLY having a degree. Of course I am still enrolled in my ridiculous computer class... but thankfully I should be finished with that in the next few weeks. Really, it is most certainly the most ridiculous class that I have ever had to take. I guess it'll be worth it in the end though... maybe.

I will commit to nothing.

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