Friday, February 04, 2011

Week 5: I'm a Gleek!

How is it that the end of the week gets here so quickly? Several times this week I've thought about sitting down and writing SOMETHING out, and yet haven't managed to. Or haven't taken the time to more aptly.

At an rate, it's been a little bit of a whirlwind week. In the matter of just a few days I have gone from never having watched an episode of Glee to having watched the entire second season. Next week I plan to tackle watching the first season. What fun would it be to watch it in order, after all?

I am a gleek. It's all because of this video really.

After watching this video I was reminded that Darren Criss recently joined the glee cast, and he is awesome. I mean, seriously, if you've ever seen A Very Potter Musical on YouTube then you know this, and if you haven't then you need to drop what you're doing and go watch it. Now. Seriously. It's AWESOME!

So after watching the previously mentioned video, I searched "Darren Criss- Glee" and YouTube and watched a clip from glee. From there I immediately watched the glee episodes available on the Glee website and then rented the rest from Season 2 that were not available.

It's official. I'm hooked.

(Seriously... go watch 'A Very Potter Musical' already)

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