Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 6: I'd be a Champion

If there were an award for forgetfulness... I'd be a world class champ. I very nearly forgot to blog this week, which just so you know, would make me feel like an epic failure. It's not so much the fact that I almost forgot, as it is the fact that I forgot multiple times.

I did in fact remember that I still needed to blog this week, on several occasions. The only issue with my remembering is that not one of those times did I actually sit down and write anything. I didn't write down a single word. So I'd remember, then consider what I wanted to write about, and promptly forget again by the time I was anywhere near my computer.

Now, I know what you may say, I don't really need my computer in order to write. I could easily hand-write something and then re-type it for the purposes of this blog. But be that as it may, I failed to do that too. So, instead of whatever it was I considered writing earlier in the week, and honestly at this point I have no idea... you are left with this sorry tale of my forgetfulness.

Although really this post ties in perfectly with my week, or at least yesterdays Facebook status, which I kid you not read, :"is wondering why I can remember useless information, but can't remember where I parked the car!"

That status by the way, so true!

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