Friday, August 28, 2009

Potentially Lost Phone

Today didn't start out as such a bad day. Honestly. I got an extra hour of sleep because the training start time was changed from eight to nine. Of course, I didn't get up was early as I should of and had to rush out the door at five 'till... but I made it to the auditorium on time.

It was another day of speeches on the different rules, followed by some actual introduction to what the job really entails though nothing can really replace on the spot training. You learn a lot more in the actual work environment.

Anyway, training ended early so I spent a couple hours in my dorm organizing the things that I planned to bring home. By five I started my walk to the lot that my car is designated to be parked in. It's turns out to take about forty minutes or so. Really it isn't too bad, but because of construction the route that I have to take only has sidewalk part of the way. You will see why this was an issue...

So I got to my car, and drove back to my dorm where I parked in one of the temporary loading areas. It took me two trips to get the empty tubs downstairs and into the car. Just as I was getting in the car I reached for my phone, which I thought I had put in my pocket. However, there was no phone. At this point I didn't think it was a problem, I assumed that I left it charging in my room and just thought I had picked it up.

It was not charging in my room. I had to get my car moved, so I didn't check everywhere so there is a chance that is somewhere in the room... but I really think I put it in my pocket. In all likelihood I dropped it somewhere is the grass that I had to wade through. At any rate, I went back to the lot and retraced my steps to no avail.

So, either my phone is gone for good, or by some miracle it is still in my dorm room. I am back at home for my Cousin's wedding tomorrow. So I guess we'll see Sunday what the phone situation is. Turns out it wouldn't have done me any good anyway since our service was cut which is crap but anyway...

Then of course the drive home was a bit of a headache. I was doing just fine, until I missed my last exit. I ended up having to turn around to get back on track. Oh, and the rain seemed to follow me home. It's been an interesting evening to say the least.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Training Day One

It was an early morning. I woke up at 6:30 to my alarm clock, and then proceeded to climb down from bed (which really is no small feat), to make it stop blaring through the room. Of course, then I decided it was too early to be awake and climbed back into bed to catch another half an hour of sleep.

Training officially was supposed to start at eight, but it was a little later than that when they came to the designated room and let us know that they had changed the meeting place to one of the larger auditoriums. Mainly it was a day spent sitting in the auditorium and watching instructional videos. They were really strange too, because the only one that really seemed to honestly pertain to the job was the last one.

They had a fashion show, where we were shown examples of what is proper work attire and what isn't. That was fairly entertaining. Then we played Jeopardy, which was interesting considering we were a group of at least two-hundred. We were split into three groups, and each group elected a spokesperson. My group very nearly won, but then ended up losing in Final Jeopardy. The third group had 900 points and wagered everything, while we had 1700 points and only wagered 101 points. We would have won by one point had we not missed the last question.

Anyway training ended an hour early, and we were told that tomorrow training would start at nine instead of eight. An extra hour of sleep, AWESOME! I'm thinking about going home tomorrow so that I can be there for my Cousin's wedding on Saturday since I don't have to work until Sunday. It'll mean an early drive back Sunday though in order to make it here for work. I don't know, the plans are still kind of up in the air.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nearly UnPacked

I moved into my dorm room today. I have very nearly unpacked everything that I have to unpack and am exhausted. Tomorrow I start training. Hopefully that goes well.

At the moment it's pretty quiet. every so often you'll hear a few voices down the hall or outside. It's going to take some getting used to. I've got the TV on mainly for background noise. We got up here around four and my parents stuck around to help until about seven thirty or so. Leave it to me to start crying when they left. For that matter I started crying at the beginning of the drive up here, which is ridiculous but whatever.

I don't consider myself much of a crier but the last several weeks have kind of been like that. I'll get over it.

My cousin is getting married on Saturday, so hopefully my schedule will allow me to go home for it. It all depends on work... Alright, I've got a busy day tomorrow so I better set my alarm clock and get some sleep.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yoda the Strange

I am taking a time-out from last minute packing to write this. I have remembered several times tonight that I needed to write this, and then promptly forgotten and therefore decided that if I didn't do something about it now, than I probably never would and that would complicate a weekend that could very well become busy. Tomorrow is the day that I move up to MSU. I'm a little nervous about it, but that's to be expected. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Actually, I know I will, because I'm not giving myself any other option. This is reality, I'm moving out and away. At least, for the time being. I feel like I'm fairly organized. This is going to be an organized and efficient move. I hope.

I finally ordered my Mac today! I'm stoked. Finally I'll have a normal sized keyboard, and screen again. Thank god!

Earlier today I was sitting in the little room off of our kitchen when mom put down food for the dogs. Our Golden Retriever knows better than to attempt to eat at the same time as our Pug because Yoda(the pug) tends to get territorial. So anyway, Yoda was the only one in the Kitchen and all of a sudden he starts growling while staring at one of the bowls. He then slowly paced over to it, and continuing to growl stared down into the bowl.

There was no point to that story, except to illustrate that my dog is strange.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Crowd Surfer Fail

Despite wanting to go to sleep before five this morning, it was after five when I finally was able to go to sleep. It was strange, almost as though the house was TOO quiet for me to sleep, which I understand sounds strange. By ten I was awake for the day which was probably for the best, since I would prefer to encounter sleep sometime tonight rather than in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

I've spent the majority of my day wrapped in a blanket reading "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks. I'll have the book finished within the next hour, and I must say I've really enjoyed it. It's been sitting on my self for over a year, and I wish I had read it sooner. I'm still working on reading through my various stacks of "to be read" piles.

The weekend was fun. Saturday Sarah and I drove up to Clarkston and went to the Blink 182 concert. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Chester French were there. We got there pretty early. By four we were standing in line with Ivane waiting for the gates to be opened at five. By about five thirty we were admitted in, but that only lead to more waiting. They were having technical difficulties with the lights on the stage, so it was well after six before they allowed people to take their seats, or in our case find a place on the lawn.

By the end of Fall Out Boy's set and beginning of Blink's the lawn was packed. There was no longer any such thing as personal space. At one point someone decided that he wanted to crowd surf of course as luck would have it he ended up coming our way. The girls in front of us scattered, and despite the fact that the guys behind us surged forward to help I got clobbered in the shoulder as the guy fell. Luckily the guys made sure that his fall was broken, and I corrected my balance enough that I didn't topple over as well. So that was exciting!

Then just as Blink took the stage someone further up the hill decided that rather than drink their beer, they needed to propel it over the crowd. We ended up getting sprayed with it, but thankfully it was more of a drizzle than a drenching.

Overall though it was a great concert and a lot of fun. However, next time we won't be buying tickets for the lawn even if they are cheaper.

The majority of Sunday I spent reading and recuperating. Although, I was kind of surprised when my shoulder didn't hurt as much. It had hurt worse the night before. Not that I'm complaining. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Move-In Day

I FINALLY got the confirmation today that I am expected to move in next Wednesday, which is good because I was beginning to this I was crazy. Well, crazier anyway... I finally cleared off my desk the other day, which had been driving me crazy. I can finally sit at my desk again which is nice. I have a tendency to pile it high with books and notebooks that I don't feel like putting away, until it gets to the point that I can't honestly find anything without dismantling the pile that has been amassed.

Thankfully I can move in whenever on Wednesday, so Dad can still go golfing in the morning with my Uncle like he usually does. Thursday and Friday next week I get to go through training for my job, which I realize I may have already divulged but quite frankly it's all that is going on at the moment.

I finished reading the other half of the book that I started last night, and am well on the way to finishing the book that I started reading a couple hours ago. That is the one nice thing about so much free time, I get to catch up on reading all of the books that I have in my various "to read" piles. It has gone from being three piles to a manageable two. Woot!

The last few days have been very productive. The other night I finally hung my All Time Low poster, and earlier today I got out the nail gun and mounted my mirror on the wall. Oh, and I took Coach on a walk this afternoon. Of course, then Yoda was jealous, but quite frankly he'll get over it. I am not off to watch the Golden Girls and finish reading my book during the commercial breaks. Just another night in the life. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Book Kinda Day

And so concludes another day...

I've managed to read two books, and plan to begin a third following this post. Granted each one is only three-hundred pages long... but whatever.

By about eight-thirty I was restless enough that I took Yoda on a walk through the neighborhood. That was nice, and I'm not sure why I hadn't bothered doing that earlier in the week. It was much more productive than pacing the house. Of course once we got home Coach was jealous because he didn't get to go for a walk... so now I owe our Golden Retriever a walk. Ah well.

Really though the most exciting thing about today is that it is nearly Saturday, and Saturday means going to the Blink 182/FOB/Panic At The Disco! concert. Yay!

Right, off to get in some more reading! Yes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My dad is crazy. He claims that it is hot in the living room and it most certainly isn't. Therefore he has the air conditioner running, and I have donned a sweatshirt.

Today was a good day. I didn't get even half the reading done that I had planned on, but that's alright. I spent several hours this evening at a local ice cream place with a couple of friends. That was fun, and definitely kept my attention away from the amount of time I seem to have on my hands now.

Not having to report to work every few days is strange.

Next week I'm supposed to move up to MSU, and begin training for my job up there. I'll be working with dining services. We'll see how that goes...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bizarre Freedom

I have remembered and forgotten this blog at least three times in the last forty-five minutes. I'm just a bit easily sidetracked this evening.

I finished reading "The Hour I First Believed" this afternoon. I really enjoyed the novel. I've really enjoyed all of Wally Lambs novels. Each of them serves as an in depth character study. I found this novel nearly as compelling as the others, but "This Much I Know To Be True" remains my favorite.

I've determined today that it is completely bizarre to be unemployed. I mean technically I'm not unemployed, since I've got a job at school already that I'll be starting in about a week and a half, and then of course I didn't really quite the job I had so much as down-grade to seasonal on leave...

But for all intensive purposes I am unemployed. There is no job that I have to schedule around, or plan to travel to and that will be true for a week yet. It's freedom, but I'm not certain that it is an entirely welcome freedom. I mean for two years I've basically worked. It was what I did with my time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Caelum Quirk

The bulk of my day has been spent reading "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb. I've been reading this book for several weeks, but in my defense I've read it while reading a couple other books at the same time. Generally what I've done is taken Wally's book to work with me, and then had another book to read here at home. I am now down to just reading "The Hour I First Believed", and am about one hundred pages away from finishing it.

I think it's a little simplistic to say that it is about a school shooting, because while that certainly is a facet of the book it is not it's sole plot line. In truth the focal point of the book is the main character, Caelum Quirk. He narrates the bulk of the novel, describing his life in terms of before the shootings and after the shootings.

In the novel he struggles with... life. He recounts the struggles of his childhood, and later adolescence, and then further into his adulthood. We watch as relationships crumble, and ones are established, and later as he comes to realize that some things, particularly people, should not be taken for granted.

"The Hour I First Believed" is an exploration into the inner workings of the human condition. It is a glimpse into the life of an average Joe just trying to get by and keep his head about the tide that seeks to pull him under. At any rate it's been a really exquisite read so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it concludes.

Friday, August 14, 2009


So today was fun. The park I live in was having a community yard sale today and so my parents set up several tables in the yard. I spent much of my morning and early afternoon sitting outside and finishing "Sacred Scars" by Kathleen Duey which was excellent.

When I happened to come back in the house around two-thirty I thought to check my phone and was abruptly alerted that unbeknownst to be I was expected at work. My manager had swapped the schedule around again, and hadn't mentioned it. So I rushed off to work, getting there around four when I was expected to have been there around one. Oops!

It was fine though, it wasn't like I was doing anything anyway. However, it was interesting because in my rush out of the house I hadn't really consulted a mirror... So I was straightening the department and whatnot, when I happened to walk by a mirror that accompanied one of the furniture sets. My face is really quite red. But it's all good.

Tomorrow is my last day and work and it's equal parts exciting and nervous making. Added to that of course, is the fact that it is Nascar weekend. Oh, the customers are so interesting on Nascar weekend...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obvious Destination

A large portion of my day was spent in a Barnes and Noble, which makes today a good day. Kristi needed a gift for her friend's birthday, so it was the OBVIOUS place to go. Sarah went along, and then we hung out here at the house before going to see The Ugly Truth which was actually pretty good. It was pretty funny!

Tonight I plan to finish reading Sacred Scars, which is the sequel to Skin Hunger. The sequel is just as awesome as the first book was. Kathleen Duey is a genius.

Darcy is in a snit because my nieces cat Popcorn is over. She doesn't like being cooped up in my room, and yet she has a fit any time she so much as glances the other cat. Joy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I nearly forgot to blog this evening, and now I don't know what to say. My day was eventful in its own way and yet nothing that really seems noteworthy happened. Today was my second to last day at work, and at times it proved to be a bit emotional because there were several people in my department who I was seeing for the last time, or at least until December rolls around.

I've agreed to come back seasonally when I am home from school at Christmas, and so it doesn't make leaving quite so hard. Leaving is actually harder than it ever appeared it would be when it was merely an idea.

It is finally hitting me that I've gotten in and am really moving away. I'm still excited obviously but I'm nervous. I'm leaving behind everyone and everything I know, and plunging into a whole new environment surrounded by new people. I know this post is fairly reminiscent of yesterdays, but it's what's on my mind.

I'm not very good at saying goodbye, or at least maybe I am but then I'm not so great at conveying just how much people mean to me. I've grown very comfortable with life as it has been these past two years and trading all of that in makes me nervous.

What if I'm about to fall flat on my face?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nervous Energy

Saturday is posed to be both an ending and a beginning. As of Saturday I will be leaving the place that I have worked at for just over two years now, and that makes me a little nervous. I know in the past few months I've managed to convince myself that I needed to hold out for August, that August was the month that mattered and now that it's here all the nervous energy that I haven't felt for all that time seems to have caught up with me.

Saturday means that I am that much closer to leaving behind everything that is familiar and jumping headlong into a foreign environment. I may be moving only an hour and half away, but I am leaving behind family, friends, and a job that I've grown comfortable and competent in.

Will I miss my job? Maybe not the job so much, but definitely the majority of the people. Thankfully I might be able to come back seasonally... I still need to see about working that out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes Words Fail

It was nearly four in the morning before I even considered going to sleep, therefore I feel that can honestly say that writing this blog entry has been on my mind all day. I considering going ahead and writing it earlier, and then didn't. There was no particular reasoning behind this decision. So, at around three in the morning rather than blog, or you know sleep, I opted to attempt to work on my novel.

I hate to mention my novel too often because generally when you mention such a thing people become curious and curiosity leads them to asking, "Oh yeah? What's it about?" Yeah, see I don't quite have an answer to that yet. I mean, OK sure I'm the one writing it so presumably I should know what it's about. Notice I say presumably...

At any rate my early morning hours were spent attempting to fill a blank screen with words that would adequately describe the scene that I could so clearly see in my mind. It was proving difficult this morning and I haven't since sought to work through whatever mess I created. Sometimes words fail us, they hide just beyond our grasp even when we know with absolute certainty what we mean to say we cannot find the words to express our sentiment.

Essentially what I am saying here is that my early morning writing session was an exercise in futility because no matter how hard I fought with myself to come up with the proper words to depict the scene that was so vivid to me, those words just wouldn't present themselves.

As far as what my novel is about, the only potential answer I have come up with so far is that it is about our struggles with our sense self in dealing with the world that surrounds us, it is about coming to terms in various senses of the word. I know this is vague, and therefore fairly lame but it's all that I've got. Anyway, don't expect too much to come of this novel in the too near future since I've been cultivating the idea since at least my sophomore year of high school.

Yeah, exactly.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ah, Retail

So today I worked in the furniture department, which seems to have become my main department over the last month or more. Anyway, this couple came in and they were interested in ordering some furniture. I discussed styles, fabrics and prices with them for maybe an hour or so.

They had received a promotion through the mail that they wished to apply to their purchase, and then I had to explain that yes of course they could do so, but first they needed to activate the card. They could not wrap their heads around this idea, and so I spent quite a chunk of time repeating this simple fact in various ways before it clicked.

Alright, so everything seems to be going good. The husband walked away to go activate the card with a purchase, while the wife and daughter stuck around and considered fabrics. By the time they were all settled the husband returned. He was upset because you had to spend at least one-hundred dollars in order to activate the card and get one-hundred and fifty dollars taken off of their next purchase.

He felt that that was ridiculous and decided he wasn't going to be buying anything with us, aside from the thirty dollar chair that he had already bought of course. Ah, retail. Isn't it lovely?

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Assigned Tasks

Today was another busy day at work, which is good because it meant that it went by rather quickly. I narrowly avoided being summoned to the registers, because I was standing in so that someone else could go to lunch in one of the other departments. I got a good share of what needed to be done in my department completed, but since I open the same department in the morning it really doesn't matter because I can pick up right where I left off.

Once I got home I had to make a quick stop at my cousins house, where I was assigned to write a letter. I am the go to person in the family when in comes to writing formal letters and the like.

Once I finish the letter I can attempt to get in some sleep before I have to turn around and go to work bright and early in the morning.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Harry Potter

My new computer came in the mail today! It is so nice to finally have my own computer again. It's a bit of an adjustment, since the computer is so much smaller. While the keys are the same size, they are all closer together and so it's not necessarily possible to "type".

However a tiny computer is better than no computer at all.

I went to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince today and it was awesome. Quite literally it was the first Harry Potter movie that I could see myself watching again and not growing bored with it. Here is the thing about the other Potter movies, there is a certain thrill in seeing them the first time because it offered the opportunity to see the book you had read brought to life. Every viewing after the first however was a practice in redundancy. The thrill of all subsequent viewings was then in seeing the climax play out.

With movies one through five it was the end battle scene that always worked to reel me back in because that was where the action was. However, this movie seemed to disassociate from the book the most. It stayed true to the main plot, but it wasn't so verbatim that all I could think about was the book. The other major difference between this movie and the others was the increased acting skills. The acting was so much BETTER in this movie than any of the previous ones.

Another flaw that the other movies often faced was information overload. Too often the directors seemed to trying and cram too much information into such a short film and therefore didn't spent a proper amount of time attending to the plot. Intricate attention to detail is an important feature in literature whereas dialogue plays an important role in the flow of a movie.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Phone Book

Last night FedEx claimed that my computer would be here today, and today it says that it will be here tomorrow. I can live with it coming in the mail tomorrow, but no later than tomorrow! At the moment I have once more comendeered my brothers computer for the purposes of this blog.

I'm watching 'Made of Honor' at the moment. Really, my day has been about as interesting as this moment. Last night I was awake until two thirty this morning, and didn't even get to watch The Golden Girls. I was occupied watching 'All Time Low's' performance on MTV unplugged and talking to Sarah.

By the way, All Time Low's acoustic set was AMAZING. Although, come to think about it they could probably sing the phone book and I would listen. Yeah.

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)


Dear Maria, Count Me In

Remembering Sunday

Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Jasey Rae

Monday, August 03, 2009

No Pants Required

I stayed up until two o'clock this morning, and honestly it was by accident. I was finishing the forth book in Patricia Briggs "Mercy Thompson Series". Really that series is utterly fantastic. At any rate, I was so caught up in reading, that I didn't pay any attention to the clock. I was shocked to see that it was two o'clock, because I was quite literally lost in a book.

Of course, I didn't see it as being a problem since I didn't have to be to work until two in the afternoon. I assumed that I would be able to sleep in, but then I shouldn't have made such an assumption. I woke up at nine all on my own.

It was however a productive morning. I finally stopped debating about it and committed to buying a Acer netbook. I wanted to go ahead and get a Mac, but of course I couldn't afford it outright and they wouldn't accept my application for financing on it. Oh well, if I get a refund through school or whatever maybe I'll go ahead and get one anyway. At any rate, in just a couple days I will once more have a computer all my own. God, I miss having my own computer.

Once I got to work today, Joan and I spent about two hours moving most the furniture around the department in order to make room for merchandise to come up from one of our "sister departments" in the store. It was a rather large move but the end results weren't too bad. In fact it really opened up the space and gave it a fresh look.

The rest of the evening was devoted to giving breaks and lunches and general clean-up in the department on my part. While I wouldn't say that the store was necessarily busy tonight, I kept busy and so it was a productive day.

Once I got home mom announced that she needed to go to the store and pick up a gallon of milk, so the the two of us plus my two nieces headed to Meijer. The whole of that excursion was unremarkable, until we were on the way home. We stopped at Speedway to pick up a pop, and my two nieces headed in while mom and I stayed in the car. This guy walked in just after they did, and in typical young guy fashion his pant were practically falling off. My response to this, was to turn to my mom and ask, "Why exactly did he bother with pants if he doesn't plan on wearing them."

Shortly thereafter my nieces returned to the car giggling, and the younger one says, "You know that sign on the door... it says you have to have a shirt and shoes, but it doesn't say anything about pants!" We all burst out laughing at that point.

Once we had marginally calmed down the oldest of the two explained that Kristi made this observation to her while they were inside, and her first response was to ask where she had gotten that idea from because it "sounded like something Sandy would say".

See, my nieces know me. ;)

Sunday, August 02, 2009


I seriously need a computer. At the moment I have hijacked my brothers laptop, but this just isn't going to cut it. I want my own computer, the issue is coming up with the money to get the one that I want.

Eh, technology sucks.

After work tonight A group of us went over to the local funeral home for visitation that was being held for a woman that we worked with. We all wore our work shirts in. It was like a sea of khaki, and I'm glad that I went. She was an awesome lady and she'll be missed.

Death is such a final thing, and it's strange to think how swiftly and unexpectedly it can come. She was going to be sixty this year... sixty is too young. You don't expect death to snatch away someone in their sixties. (Though I suppose death is so rarely expected. There can be no preparing for it's arrival.)

Though of course that is the nature of Cancer. Cancer has no conscience and seems to answer to no one. It is the disease that threatens to consume and over power, and in many cases claims the lives that it chooses to claim. Cancer likes to serve as deaths harbinger, and it is a shame that we have yet to curb this propensity. Someday...

Outrunning Yourself

One of my favorite parts of a work day is the drive there/home. It is my moment of solitude and time to myself. Of course too much time spent in solitude isn't necessarily a good thing either, which is why more often than not when on my own I turn up the radio load enough to drown out my own thoughts, and have most of the windows open.

I like it when the wind whips through my hair and the sun streams through the open windows. The best time to drive is on sunny days when the sky is blue and marked by big puffy clouds.

The thing is though, we can't outrun ourselves.

Despite the fact that we may at times wish to escape particular thoughts, or past actions, or situations it's just not possible. Our past shapes who we are in the future, and is something that we have to acknowledge in order to move forward. We have to accept our composite parts, and in order to do that it is first necessary to cease in desist in running from the various facets of what makes us who we are.

I'm not completely sure where I am going with any of this. In fact, I feel like I'm rambling which is all together very likely.