Friday, August 28, 2009

Potentially Lost Phone

Today didn't start out as such a bad day. Honestly. I got an extra hour of sleep because the training start time was changed from eight to nine. Of course, I didn't get up was early as I should of and had to rush out the door at five 'till... but I made it to the auditorium on time.

It was another day of speeches on the different rules, followed by some actual introduction to what the job really entails though nothing can really replace on the spot training. You learn a lot more in the actual work environment.

Anyway, training ended early so I spent a couple hours in my dorm organizing the things that I planned to bring home. By five I started my walk to the lot that my car is designated to be parked in. It's turns out to take about forty minutes or so. Really it isn't too bad, but because of construction the route that I have to take only has sidewalk part of the way. You will see why this was an issue...

So I got to my car, and drove back to my dorm where I parked in one of the temporary loading areas. It took me two trips to get the empty tubs downstairs and into the car. Just as I was getting in the car I reached for my phone, which I thought I had put in my pocket. However, there was no phone. At this point I didn't think it was a problem, I assumed that I left it charging in my room and just thought I had picked it up.

It was not charging in my room. I had to get my car moved, so I didn't check everywhere so there is a chance that is somewhere in the room... but I really think I put it in my pocket. In all likelihood I dropped it somewhere is the grass that I had to wade through. At any rate, I went back to the lot and retraced my steps to no avail.

So, either my phone is gone for good, or by some miracle it is still in my dorm room. I am back at home for my Cousin's wedding tomorrow. So I guess we'll see Sunday what the phone situation is. Turns out it wouldn't have done me any good anyway since our service was cut which is crap but anyway...

Then of course the drive home was a bit of a headache. I was doing just fine, until I missed my last exit. I ended up having to turn around to get back on track. Oh, and the rain seemed to follow me home. It's been an interesting evening to say the least.

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