Sunday, August 02, 2009

Outrunning Yourself

One of my favorite parts of a work day is the drive there/home. It is my moment of solitude and time to myself. Of course too much time spent in solitude isn't necessarily a good thing either, which is why more often than not when on my own I turn up the radio load enough to drown out my own thoughts, and have most of the windows open.

I like it when the wind whips through my hair and the sun streams through the open windows. The best time to drive is on sunny days when the sky is blue and marked by big puffy clouds.

The thing is though, we can't outrun ourselves.

Despite the fact that we may at times wish to escape particular thoughts, or past actions, or situations it's just not possible. Our past shapes who we are in the future, and is something that we have to acknowledge in order to move forward. We have to accept our composite parts, and in order to do that it is first necessary to cease in desist in running from the various facets of what makes us who we are.

I'm not completely sure where I am going with any of this. In fact, I feel like I'm rambling which is all together very likely.

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