Friday, August 14, 2009


So today was fun. The park I live in was having a community yard sale today and so my parents set up several tables in the yard. I spent much of my morning and early afternoon sitting outside and finishing "Sacred Scars" by Kathleen Duey which was excellent.

When I happened to come back in the house around two-thirty I thought to check my phone and was abruptly alerted that unbeknownst to be I was expected at work. My manager had swapped the schedule around again, and hadn't mentioned it. So I rushed off to work, getting there around four when I was expected to have been there around one. Oops!

It was fine though, it wasn't like I was doing anything anyway. However, it was interesting because in my rush out of the house I hadn't really consulted a mirror... So I was straightening the department and whatnot, when I happened to walk by a mirror that accompanied one of the furniture sets. My face is really quite red. But it's all good.

Tomorrow is my last day and work and it's equal parts exciting and nervous making. Added to that of course, is the fact that it is Nascar weekend. Oh, the customers are so interesting on Nascar weekend...

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