Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bizarre Freedom

I have remembered and forgotten this blog at least three times in the last forty-five minutes. I'm just a bit easily sidetracked this evening.

I finished reading "The Hour I First Believed" this afternoon. I really enjoyed the novel. I've really enjoyed all of Wally Lambs novels. Each of them serves as an in depth character study. I found this novel nearly as compelling as the others, but "This Much I Know To Be True" remains my favorite.

I've determined today that it is completely bizarre to be unemployed. I mean technically I'm not unemployed, since I've got a job at school already that I'll be starting in about a week and a half, and then of course I didn't really quite the job I had so much as down-grade to seasonal on leave...

But for all intensive purposes I am unemployed. There is no job that I have to schedule around, or plan to travel to and that will be true for a week yet. It's freedom, but I'm not certain that it is an entirely welcome freedom. I mean for two years I've basically worked. It was what I did with my time.

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