Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Harry Potter

My new computer came in the mail today! It is so nice to finally have my own computer again. It's a bit of an adjustment, since the computer is so much smaller. While the keys are the same size, they are all closer together and so it's not necessarily possible to "type".

However a tiny computer is better than no computer at all.

I went to see Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince today and it was awesome. Quite literally it was the first Harry Potter movie that I could see myself watching again and not growing bored with it. Here is the thing about the other Potter movies, there is a certain thrill in seeing them the first time because it offered the opportunity to see the book you had read brought to life. Every viewing after the first however was a practice in redundancy. The thrill of all subsequent viewings was then in seeing the climax play out.

With movies one through five it was the end battle scene that always worked to reel me back in because that was where the action was. However, this movie seemed to disassociate from the book the most. It stayed true to the main plot, but it wasn't so verbatim that all I could think about was the book. The other major difference between this movie and the others was the increased acting skills. The acting was so much BETTER in this movie than any of the previous ones.

Another flaw that the other movies often faced was information overload. Too often the directors seemed to trying and cram too much information into such a short film and therefore didn't spent a proper amount of time attending to the plot. Intricate attention to detail is an important feature in literature whereas dialogue plays an important role in the flow of a movie.

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