Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I nearly forgot to blog this evening, and now I don't know what to say. My day was eventful in its own way and yet nothing that really seems noteworthy happened. Today was my second to last day at work, and at times it proved to be a bit emotional because there were several people in my department who I was seeing for the last time, or at least until December rolls around.

I've agreed to come back seasonally when I am home from school at Christmas, and so it doesn't make leaving quite so hard. Leaving is actually harder than it ever appeared it would be when it was merely an idea.

It is finally hitting me that I've gotten in and am really moving away. I'm still excited obviously but I'm nervous. I'm leaving behind everyone and everything I know, and plunging into a whole new environment surrounded by new people. I know this post is fairly reminiscent of yesterdays, but it's what's on my mind.

I'm not very good at saying goodbye, or at least maybe I am but then I'm not so great at conveying just how much people mean to me. I've grown very comfortable with life as it has been these past two years and trading all of that in makes me nervous.

What if I'm about to fall flat on my face?

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Bob said...

Then you pick yourself back up, we all have a good laugh, and move onto the next thing. Take this from someone who's fallen on his face quite a few times.

You're always the smart one, y'know. You'll be fine and you'll have lots 'o fun. Enjoy. ;)