Sunday, August 02, 2009


I seriously need a computer. At the moment I have hijacked my brothers laptop, but this just isn't going to cut it. I want my own computer, the issue is coming up with the money to get the one that I want.

Eh, technology sucks.

After work tonight A group of us went over to the local funeral home for visitation that was being held for a woman that we worked with. We all wore our work shirts in. It was like a sea of khaki, and I'm glad that I went. She was an awesome lady and she'll be missed.

Death is such a final thing, and it's strange to think how swiftly and unexpectedly it can come. She was going to be sixty this year... sixty is too young. You don't expect death to snatch away someone in their sixties. (Though I suppose death is so rarely expected. There can be no preparing for it's arrival.)

Though of course that is the nature of Cancer. Cancer has no conscience and seems to answer to no one. It is the disease that threatens to consume and over power, and in many cases claims the lives that it chooses to claim. Cancer likes to serve as deaths harbinger, and it is a shame that we have yet to curb this propensity. Someday...

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