Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes Words Fail

It was nearly four in the morning before I even considered going to sleep, therefore I feel that can honestly say that writing this blog entry has been on my mind all day. I considering going ahead and writing it earlier, and then didn't. There was no particular reasoning behind this decision. So, at around three in the morning rather than blog, or you know sleep, I opted to attempt to work on my novel.

I hate to mention my novel too often because generally when you mention such a thing people become curious and curiosity leads them to asking, "Oh yeah? What's it about?" Yeah, see I don't quite have an answer to that yet. I mean, OK sure I'm the one writing it so presumably I should know what it's about. Notice I say presumably...

At any rate my early morning hours were spent attempting to fill a blank screen with words that would adequately describe the scene that I could so clearly see in my mind. It was proving difficult this morning and I haven't since sought to work through whatever mess I created. Sometimes words fail us, they hide just beyond our grasp even when we know with absolute certainty what we mean to say we cannot find the words to express our sentiment.

Essentially what I am saying here is that my early morning writing session was an exercise in futility because no matter how hard I fought with myself to come up with the proper words to depict the scene that was so vivid to me, those words just wouldn't present themselves.

As far as what my novel is about, the only potential answer I have come up with so far is that it is about our struggles with our sense self in dealing with the world that surrounds us, it is about coming to terms in various senses of the word. I know this is vague, and therefore fairly lame but it's all that I've got. Anyway, don't expect too much to come of this novel in the too near future since I've been cultivating the idea since at least my sophomore year of high school.

Yeah, exactly.

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