Monday, August 24, 2009

Crowd Surfer Fail

Despite wanting to go to sleep before five this morning, it was after five when I finally was able to go to sleep. It was strange, almost as though the house was TOO quiet for me to sleep, which I understand sounds strange. By ten I was awake for the day which was probably for the best, since I would prefer to encounter sleep sometime tonight rather than in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

I've spent the majority of my day wrapped in a blanket reading "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicholas Sparks. I'll have the book finished within the next hour, and I must say I've really enjoyed it. It's been sitting on my self for over a year, and I wish I had read it sooner. I'm still working on reading through my various stacks of "to be read" piles.

The weekend was fun. Saturday Sarah and I drove up to Clarkston and went to the Blink 182 concert. Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Chester French were there. We got there pretty early. By four we were standing in line with Ivane waiting for the gates to be opened at five. By about five thirty we were admitted in, but that only lead to more waiting. They were having technical difficulties with the lights on the stage, so it was well after six before they allowed people to take their seats, or in our case find a place on the lawn.

By the end of Fall Out Boy's set and beginning of Blink's the lawn was packed. There was no longer any such thing as personal space. At one point someone decided that he wanted to crowd surf of course as luck would have it he ended up coming our way. The girls in front of us scattered, and despite the fact that the guys behind us surged forward to help I got clobbered in the shoulder as the guy fell. Luckily the guys made sure that his fall was broken, and I corrected my balance enough that I didn't topple over as well. So that was exciting!

Then just as Blink took the stage someone further up the hill decided that rather than drink their beer, they needed to propel it over the crowd. We ended up getting sprayed with it, but thankfully it was more of a drizzle than a drenching.

Overall though it was a great concert and a lot of fun. However, next time we won't be buying tickets for the lawn even if they are cheaper.

The majority of Sunday I spent reading and recuperating. Although, I was kind of surprised when my shoulder didn't hurt as much. It had hurt worse the night before. Not that I'm complaining. :)

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