Thursday, August 27, 2009

Training Day One

It was an early morning. I woke up at 6:30 to my alarm clock, and then proceeded to climb down from bed (which really is no small feat), to make it stop blaring through the room. Of course, then I decided it was too early to be awake and climbed back into bed to catch another half an hour of sleep.

Training officially was supposed to start at eight, but it was a little later than that when they came to the designated room and let us know that they had changed the meeting place to one of the larger auditoriums. Mainly it was a day spent sitting in the auditorium and watching instructional videos. They were really strange too, because the only one that really seemed to honestly pertain to the job was the last one.

They had a fashion show, where we were shown examples of what is proper work attire and what isn't. That was fairly entertaining. Then we played Jeopardy, which was interesting considering we were a group of at least two-hundred. We were split into three groups, and each group elected a spokesperson. My group very nearly won, but then ended up losing in Final Jeopardy. The third group had 900 points and wagered everything, while we had 1700 points and only wagered 101 points. We would have won by one point had we not missed the last question.

Anyway training ended an hour early, and we were told that tomorrow training would start at nine instead of eight. An extra hour of sleep, AWESOME! I'm thinking about going home tomorrow so that I can be there for my Cousin's wedding on Saturday since I don't have to work until Sunday. It'll mean an early drive back Sunday though in order to make it here for work. I don't know, the plans are still kind of up in the air.

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