Friday, August 07, 2009

Ah, Retail

So today I worked in the furniture department, which seems to have become my main department over the last month or more. Anyway, this couple came in and they were interested in ordering some furniture. I discussed styles, fabrics and prices with them for maybe an hour or so.

They had received a promotion through the mail that they wished to apply to their purchase, and then I had to explain that yes of course they could do so, but first they needed to activate the card. They could not wrap their heads around this idea, and so I spent quite a chunk of time repeating this simple fact in various ways before it clicked.

Alright, so everything seems to be going good. The husband walked away to go activate the card with a purchase, while the wife and daughter stuck around and considered fabrics. By the time they were all settled the husband returned. He was upset because you had to spend at least one-hundred dollars in order to activate the card and get one-hundred and fifty dollars taken off of their next purchase.

He felt that that was ridiculous and decided he wasn't going to be buying anything with us, aside from the thirty dollar chair that he had already bought of course. Ah, retail. Isn't it lovely?

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