Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Moonlight Madness and a Mac

It's not so much that I forgot to post yesterday, but rather that I didn't take the time out of my day to do so. I should have blogged yesterday morning.... but when do I do what I should?

Yesterday was actually really cool though. My Mac finally made it to my house, and so my parents decided to bring it up to me. My dad also left me with his phone with orders not to lose it. I won't lose it! It was a good thing they drove up to, because I got my dad to help me move the TV to it's new spot in the room. We had to go get a longer cord to hook up the cable, but now it's all set. 

Last night the campus had a couple different programs going to welcome students back. There was U-Fest at the Union and then Moonlight Madness at a local Meijer. Basically at either one you could go and get a bunch of free things. I met up with Felicia and a bunch of girls that she lives with over at the Moonlight Madness event and that was really fun. She introduced me to a ton of people, whose names I know I won't know time I see them. Eventually I'll be able to keep all of the names straight. 

Anyway I got back to my room around one thirty this morning, at which point I commenced in breaking out my Mac and getting it partially set up before proceeding to go to bed. I've now been up since ten, and have managed to once again get my itunes set up. Hopefully this will be the last time that I have to tinker with my itunes for a very long while... I think I'll finish reading the first chapter of the Economics textbook for class tomorrow, and then perhaps I'll take a walk and scope out my classes. Class starts tomorrow! I'm so excited! 

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