Saturday, September 05, 2009

Story of Success

The drive home went really well. I didn't get all turned around in Jackson like when I was coming home from orientation, and I didn't pass by my last exit like the last time that I came home. Not to mention it was a lovely day outside. I really enjoy driving when the sun is out and the sky is a gorgeous blue. It was the perfect day to be on the road.

It wasn't until I started home that I realized how much I've missed driving. I mean on campus there is no doubt about it, walking is practical, but I used to spend a great deal of time in my car. When I commuted to WCC it was about an hours drive each way, and to go to work it was a forty minute drive each way... I mean, and that's only the obligations I had. I spent a lot more time driving if you count the occasional doctors appointment and general recreational driving.

It felt really good to drive my car today, I'm just saying...

My parents went to the flea market up in Hillsdale this morning, so they weren't around when I got home but Yoda, Coach and Darcy were happy to see me. Yoda especially has been hanging out with me since I've been home. Every once and a while Darcy will wander in the room and look at me with wide eyes. I think she's trying to figure out who I think I am, coming and going as I please. Coach just generally accepts that sometimes I seem to be around, and other times I'm not. To him it is just the way the world works.

This evening was fun. We walked down to my cousin's house and had a cook-out and watched some movie. I know that's real descriptive, but I honestly have no idea what the movie was called. It had already started when we flipped to the channel and we didn't stay to watch it because Dad was having issues staying awake. The house is quiet now, and the quiet is strange because it's never really quiet back at MSU. Not that the quiet is unwelcome mind you!

At any rate, since I have managed to blog on schedule I think today can be labeled a success. I am now off to tackle at least some portion of the mound of homework that I've dragged along with me, an perhaps find sleep. You've heard of sleep right? It's that state of viewing the inside of ones eyelids. It sounds kind of appealing.

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