Saturday, September 05, 2009

Salad Prep

I went to work this morning. Being the brilliant person that I am I was a tad bit late. I was running so late in fact that I didn't even check a mirror before charging out the door. Thank God we wear baseball caps, because I'm sure my hair would have been a mess otherwise.

I was working the breakfast shift, but was back in Salad prep. I started off the shift completely lost... but was eventually relegated to dishing out Ranch dressing. Essentially it was in this big vat, and I had to ladle out the dressing into smaller containers which would eventually make their way out to the line.

Exciting, I know.

Once the dressing was all taken care of, I got to take the lettuce and put it into containers that would likewise eventually make their debut on the serving line. Once that was taken care of my time was spent filling the salad and fruit bowls and just generally carrying things out to the food line. It was a little hectic, and I still don't always know what I'm supposed to be doing.

That's one thing I miss about my former job, I generally knew what I was doing. I really miss that competence. I guess that will come in time though. I hope so... At any rate, I need to shower and get on the road headed home.

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