Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surreal Ledes

Where did Fall go? It is seriously frigid outside at the moment, and I'm not digging it. At least it seems to have stopped raining for the moment.

Class was kind of... surreal today I guess. I mean it went well, but it was just kind of strange. In my JRN class we have started practicing lede writing, which is essentially writing introductions to news articles. They are the portion of the article that actually leads into the news. So typically the way it plays out is that at the end of a class we write practice leads, and then we spend the beginning of the next class reviewing what people in the class have written.

Essentially we end up critiquing our peers work after our teacher has posted select pieces on the class blog. There is nothing to distinguish them in anyway, so really the only person that knows who wrote the lede is the writer themselves.

This is all fine and well of course, and really it helps a lot. The strange part comes in now though. So we were going over ledes and we got to this one post, where the last one on the page was one of mine. Guess who he calls on to discuss the lede...

Bingo. I got to discuss why I felt that the lede I wrote was effective and I apparently was the only one in the room that was aware that I had written it. That was a little strange. Thankfully though my conclusions were similar to the teachers, so it all panned out.

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