Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Laundry, maybe?

At the moment I am debating whether or not I want to go do laundry. I kind of want to wear one of my hoodies, but they're both due to be washed, so in that respect it would make sense to go do a load. Although I just did laundry last week so I'm not really to the point that it is something I need to do. In fact, it was last Thursday that I did laundry, so it hasn't even been a week...

I'll probably end up going down and doing laundry.

In other news I seem to be keeping up better with all of my reading. I have found that it is all about pacing. I have a chapter and a half to finish in my Elements of Journalism textbook and then we have another textbook for the same class that is referred to as the "big blue book". I have three chapters to read in there.

The nice thing about "the big blue book" though is that the chapters are rather short so at the moment I'm concentrating on EoJ. My goal is to finish reading them by about six or so because fellowship is at seven.

I'm so organized, I even managed to blog this Wednesday! I had my Lit/Cultures class earlier. I tell you what, that class is an excellent excise in wasted time. Oh, and the professor is really good at dodging questions. Basically we spent the whole fifty minute class period going over responses people gave on the online module from the first week of class. We had to critique them and the thing is that even though the names had been removed from the entries they had been written by people in the class.

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