Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day of Football

I went to the MSU v. CMU game today with Felicia and Danielle. It was a really good game, as in interesting to watch, but it really stunk that we lost it in the last eight seconds. That was honestly awful.

After the game, we had to return the ID's that we'd used to get into the game. We bought the tickets from people who had bought them but didn't want to go, and since they were student tickets they swipe the ID as the "ticket". We were in the upper level of the student section, which is isolated from the "student experience", and yet you could see the entire field.

The sun was a little brutal though.

The day started out foggy, overcast and a bit chilly so I wore I sweatshirt. It become apparent rather soon that I wouldn't be needing that sweatshirt.

Anyway, once we'd returned the ID's we met up with a larger group of people at Pizza Hut and had dinner while we watched the Notre Dame v. Michigan game. We really wanted to see Notre Dame win... It was really fun though. On the way back to 'home' we stopped at a Dairy Store and got ice cream cones.

Now I need to finishing reading a chapter and a half in my "The Elements of Journalism" textbook and consider getting some sleep. It is nine o'clock and I'm kind of exhausted.

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