Thursday, September 03, 2009

Newspaper Hunting

I have been tremendously bad at blogging lately and for that I am sorry. Really, I am. Apparently I didn't learn my lesson the other day, and so rather than write something up and post it before taking off for the night... Yeah. So you'll be seeing four posts over the weekend at some point assuming that I don't rack up a few more tomorrow... We'll see, I almost forgot tonight, so yeah.

Yesterday was the first day of classes. I was up by seven and out the door by eight thirty in order to walk the fifteen to twenty minutes it takes to get to my first class. I think I'm really going to enjoy my Intro to The Mass Media class. Essentially it looks at the history of mass media.

Once that class gets out I have twenty minutes to make it to my Macroeconomics class, which again is about fifteen to twenty minutes away. It's economics... so I wouldn't put it in the same league as my Mass Media class but the teacher is interesting and it's only about fifty minutes long. We'll see how it goes I suppose.

After my economics class I have an hour before my Literature Cultures and Identities course. That one's going to take a lot of time. In fact I have some reading that I need to finish tonight for tomorrow's class. It's written in english and everything, but it's definitely got an air of academia about it. Several times I've had to reread portions several times to make sure that I'd read it right...

After my classes I came back to my room and worked on some of the homework that we'd been given, and should have blogged but I didn't. I knew that I was going to go to a barbecue and fellowship with a few friends, which is ultimately why I didn't get anything posted last night. It was about one o'clock this morning before I got back, which is quite a bit past deadline. But I had fun, so I suppose that's all that really matters.

Speaking of deadlines, I had my first upper level Journalism class today, and I can already tell it's going to be intense. On the one hand this is a good thing, because like he explained today if it's your job to write the script for the eleven o'clock news and you turn it in at elven oh one... well that's unacceptable because you've dropped the ball. Deadlines are a fundamentally important aspect of Journalism as a field. So the class is going to be interesting, but intense.

As part the class, we are expected to purchase and read three different news papers everyday Mon. through Fri. So after I got out of work at five today I decided to go in search of the three newspapers, figuring that it wouldn't take all that long. In fact, I figured I could find all of them in approximately the same area... Guess who figured wrong? I found "The State News" at the first place I went to, but neither of the other papers were there. So I walked over to the Student Union. They had "USA Today" there, but not the final one. At this point I had two of the three, and figured it would would be easy to come by the third. Not so easy as it turns out...

Everywhere seemed to be out of the "Lansing State Journal". It wasn't until a little after seven o'clock and a good deal of walking that I finally found a copy of it. In fact the gas station I went to only had that one copy left. I'm SO glad I got there when I did, and just think, I get to repeat the process tomorrow!

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