Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lede Writing

My JRN 200 class seems to be going well. Today we went over the 'ledes' that we were assigned to write at the end of last class. He put up examples from what people in the class had written, with our names stripped from them. It was a really good way to get an idea of what to shoot for and what to avoid.

Although it was a little embarrassing that one of mine ended up on the screen, because I accidentally typed in lighting rather than lightning. Thank God it wasn't a graded assignment, because that mistake would have gotten me a zero.

At the end of class we did another writing exercises where we wrote more 'ledes'. I think that went well, but I suppose I'll find out next class. The really strange thing was, that I e-mailed my work in to Omar but it didn't register in his e-mailbox. Then the computer wouldn't let us go back and make sure that it was in my sent messages folder.

Once I got back to my room though, I was able to confirm that it was sent out. I guess other people were having a similar problem last class, and their e-mail ended up getting to him a half an hour after they had sent them. It's a little nerve-wrecking when you aren't sure an assignment has sent, and you're in a class with really strict deadlines.

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