Friday, September 18, 2009

Party People

I have determined that "typical college culture" makes me feel old. I understand that at twenty years old, I'm far from old but honestly...

Last night was ridiculous. I definitely didn't manage to get enough of the reading done as I needed to. During intermission, or rather the brief period that the party next door migrated elsewhere, I got maybe ten to fifteen pages read. Once the party people returned, not only could I hear clear voices and loud music through the wall on my side of the room, but I could also clearly hear the group that had chosen to roost in the shared bathroom. It was definitely too loud to concentrate on my book, so I opted for sleep instead.

It was maybe a half an hour later when my roommate wandered back. This of course was fine, I've told her before that when she gets back to the room that she doesn't have to worry about bothering me... but jeez. So she gets back and knocks on the bathroom door, when she then proceeds to engage the party peeps.

They then all stood there and talked for a few moments before someone goes, "Is your roommate asleep?"


... The lot of them then continued to talk at full volume for a while longer as I "slept". Egh. It was a long night. My alarm clock went off at seven thirty and I definitely didn't get up, of course that backfired because by the time I did get up and ready I had fifteen minutes to walk to class. It generally takes fifteen minutes to walk there. Finding a seat was annoying since the class is pretty full. Anyway when I sent to sit down the band on my watch snapped and went flying.

That was annoying. Then of course in the two hours between classes I still didn't get my reading completely finished and we had a quiz at the beginning of my Lit/Cultures. The first question I got wrong because of the way the question was worded and the second one I got wrong because it was about the ending and I hadn't read the ending yet.

So I failed that quiz. Excellent.

Then once class was over everyone in the class got up to go even though the professor was still talking. I understand it was 1:30 and the class was technically finished... but really that is so rude. Overall some of the people in there are so rude and it makes me cringe.

At any rate I felt much better once I was on the way home. I need this weekend to recharge my batteries and gain back some of the patience that I've lost over the last few days.

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Anonymous said...

Yo, Welcome to College.

If you have trouble concentrating in your room, there is always the study lounge or the library to go to.