Friday, September 04, 2009

Lansing State Journal

Hey, look who remembered to blog!

On the whole it hasn't been too exciting of a day, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I had two classes this morning, with a rather long break between them. During that break I had lunch and picked up two of the three papers I'm supposed to read everyday. I haven't even read the one's that I picked up yesterday yet... Yes, I have six newspapers to read through this weekend. Awesome!

Once my last class of the day was through I made the trek down to the gas station for my final newspaper. This time they only had two left, and I definitely got there way earlier in the day today than I did yesterday. What is it with the Lansing State Journal?

Aside from the newspapers I have at least one hundred and fifty pages of reading to do for my two Journalism classes between the three textbooks. Maybe I'll try and get some of it done before I leave tomorrow... The first football game is tomorrow, so working the breakfast shift should be interesting, and by interesting I mean crazy. We shall see! I am going home at some point tomorrow afternoon, since Monday it a holiday and therefore there is no class, plus the MDA telethon is on!

I just made my yearly donation a few minutes ago. Has anyone noticed that I'm really good at leaving things 'till the last minute? Yeah, huh. Anyway, I got back to my dorm and worked through a very small portion of my homework before my interview with my RA. It was just a kind of "getting to know you, how are you adjusting" thing. No big deal. We had a floor dinner around six, which only about five of us between the two floors went but that's alright. It was fun, if a little awkward.

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