Monday, September 07, 2009

Rainy Day

Being home for the weekend was nice, although I didn't manage to get as much of my homework done as I should have. I have just now finally managed to get all of my reading done for the class that I have at nine tomorrow. I'm supposed to read sections A through C of the AP stylebook, however it's like reading the dictionary and I just don't think I'm up for doing that at the moment.

I got back to campus around five or so, but by the time I had unloaded my car, and then parked my car and walked back from where I had to park it... it was a little after six o'clock.

My parents tried to call me earlier, but for some reason despite the fact that I answer the phone and can hear them talking they can't hear me. I have no idea what the deal is so at some point tomorrow I get to try and sort that ridiculousness out. Hopefully it will be a simple enough thing to get sorted out.

It was a pretty cruddy day to be driving. When I left home it was pouring rain. Thankfully the closer I got to campus the less rain there was. Rain is so depressing. Anyway, I need to get organized and then I need to start considering sleep.

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