Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 45: HP Challenge Day 9 and 10: Least Favorite Male? Horcruxes or Hallows?

Question Day 9: Who is your least favorite male character in the series?

Much like answering the similar question of who my least favorite female character is, this is a tough one to answer. While it may be easy to pick out one of the "villains" or more disagreeable characters as a least favorite... it's not really because it is those qualities that make them interesting.

Each character serves a greater purpose to the plot.

If I absolutely had to name one of the male characters as my least favorite it would have to be Luna's father, whose first name escapes me at the moment. Yes, I could look it up instead admitting that I don't recall it, but I don't feel like looking it up so for now we're sticking with calling him Mr. Lovegood.

He would be my least favorite because while he shows the promise of standing up, and serving on the forefront of the 'rebellion' through his magazine he doesn't show the resolve to stand by that stance by the last book. I understand they took Luna and he was seeking to save her... but does he really believe Harry Potter of all people wouldn't aid Luna?

See why I said this is difficult. I would choose him as my least favorite for the reasons that I've listed, and yet even as I've listed them I've managed to rationalize why he would do the things that he did.

Question Day 10: Which concept did you most enjoy, Horcruxes or Hallows?

While the background on the Hallows was interesting and kind of cool, I think that tidbit would have been a little more interesting if some of the ideas had been sprinkled in the previous books so that there may have been more of a basis for them. They introduced a little late in the game I think.

The Horcruxes though, I found really cool. While it's true the term is made up, so there was no way you could learn the term prior to the final book, you may have been able to puzzle some of it out ahead of time.

I was interesting to learn near the end how some of the destroyed objects from previous books linked back to Voldemort's final undoing.

I'll talk to you soon. 

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