Monday, October 12, 2009

No Fatals!

It is definitely a problem when a paper is supposed to be a minimum of six hundred words long, and you've only managed to write three hundred and thirty words. It's an even greater problem when you aren't sure where else to take the focus.

This does not need to be so difficult, so why is it?

Most likely the answer to that question is that I've waited until the last possible minute to actually get this article written down. That might be why. That's probably why.

Oh well. I will get this done before I go to bed, and hopefully I will be alert enough to edit out any potential fatals. That would be awful if I let a fatal slip through...

I've got things rolling at the SpartanEdge. I've signed on to write a Book Review Blog, and so tomorrow I will finish getting that all set up. Then I'm covering a lecture early next month. Maybe if I don't do too horribly with this article that's due for class tomorrow I'll pitch it to the edge. We'll see.

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