Friday, October 02, 2009

Peer Review

Lit/Cultures was as productive today as it is on any other day... in other words it wasn't productive in the least. We were supposed to have outlines with us detailing the paper we're to turn in on Monday. I definitely put my outline together last night, and probably won't be using much of it when it actually comes to the paper.

At any rate the entire class period was devoted to getting into groups and doing 'peer review'. The thing is though, for many of us what came to class today isn't much of a representation of the final product so it was difficult to offer an constructive advice.

The questions that we had to answer were really wordy and involved. It was just a general mess. Getting into groups was definitely more hassle than it should have been as well. He was adamant that we be in groups of three, and I mean ADAMANT. I was shuffled among a couple group settings before everything was finally established and we could begin to tackle the assignment.

Oh well. I'll get the paper written at some point this weekend. Hopefully I'll focus in on it before Monday after class, but we'll see how motivated I can get about it. Motivation is the key.

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