Monday, January 26, 2009


Today was strange. Not terribly strange, but strange all the same. I had class this morning, or you know, was supposed to have class this morning. My math teacher is generally late, though of course today he didn’t even show up. A little after eight a lady came and let us in the room and informed us all that a substitute was on the way. The substitute hadn’t been informed that she had a class to teach until 7:30 for an eight o’clock class.

All in all she wasn’t too bad a sub, though she didn’t actually know what section we were on and obviously didn’t have any plans for a lecture. It was a very on the spot class and I was out a half an hour early. So, after that delightful hour and half I made my way downstairs to the alcove near my Psychology class.

I sat there for an hour and a half and did my reading for philosophy, which was rather dull. My initial thoughts were that it would be an interesting class… yeah, alright, sure. So I finished my reading and headed off to Psychology, only to discover that class had been cancelled.

This translated into two hours more of sitting in another alcove to wait for my brother to get out
of class. At least I managed to get most of my Abnormal Psychology reading done.

The day did get better though. The nap I took once I got home was fantastic, plus I didn’t forget to write and post this. Here’s to a week on the right track. :D

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