Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moments of Worry

I can’t understand why it is so easy to be motivated before I actually sit down to write… and then when faced with a blank screen my mind goes suddenly blank. Well… that’s not quite true.

At any rate earlier today I was thinking about how we always ask people how they are doing, and the standard answer to that standard question is, “I’m alright”. But are we? Is that answer ever wholly true when we give it in reply?

Not generally. Usually there is something on our minds that eating away at us. How honest are we with the people around us? How honest are we with ourselves?

I’m not alright. I’m worried; worried about the next week, the next month, and rest of the year. I feel tested and stretched, cornered and unsure. Things will get easier, eventually. If eventually could be tomorrow that would be great, but if not it’ll be alright.

That’s the thing about rough patches, their difficult in moment but once you’ve gone through them you are able to appreciate the role that they have played in building your character.

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