Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I’m the resident moron who remembered that I needed to post yesterday, and then forgot. Yesterday was strange, and I swear if votes had been taken, I would have been voted most scatterbrained. My problem stemmed from the fact that I didn’t plan on going into work… and then I got called in, and of course, who am I to say no?

Saying yes though wasn’t the greatest idea, because after I hung up the phone I remembered the mound of homework I had yet to do. An intelligent move, I thoroughly realize this. So, in an attempt to fix my mistake I hauled a couple books to work with me and was able to tackle some of the reading during my lunch break.

Inevitably the day didn’t get much better. I closed the department, and headed home. Of course I managed to walk past the switchboard and completely forget that I had the department keys in shirt pocket. In fact, I managed to drive part of the way home before realizing that I still had them. This meant turning back around and going back in the building to turn them in. As you can imagine, I was thrilled.

So once I got over the whole key fiasco, I managed to drive myself home. The whole way here I remembered that I had a blog post to write and post, in fact I even contemplated what I wanted to write. I was pretty sure I had it all figured out by the time I walked in the door… At that point it was about 10:00.

Did I come right in, grab my computer and start typing? No. Of course not! I sat around in the living room and watched the end of a movie. Then of course I came in and got my computer from my room. Did I blog? Heck no. I did however check YouTube, and my e-mail and couple authors’ blogs. Then I sat my computer aside.

By the time I remembered my complete failure to write and post an entry to this blog, it was ten to one. Smart move, I know. So now, thanks to my complete lack of focus yesterday I will be posting twice on Saturday… and I have to work… oh yeah, it’ll be fun.
At least there are only two more days, aside from punishment day, of posting. I think I can manage to hold things together and keep with the schedule. Although I thought I could manage that to begin with, and look where that got me…

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The Bob said...

Ah yes, but saying no is quite fun. I do it occasionally, even though I normally have something better to do. ;)