Saturday, January 24, 2009


I wasn’t sure what to write for this, my second post of the day… and then I wondered why? Why…WhyWhy? The infinite unknown why, why what? Have you ever wondered how many times in a lifetime we invoke the word why? Why war? Why peace? Why be nice? Why be cruel? Why care? Why give in to apathy?

To every why that we might ask, there is a complimentary other why that may be posed, it’s the question whose answer remains forever illusive. It is the infinite word that is every little child’s favorite. It’s the question we all ask, the answer we all seek. Why do we do as we do? Why do we continually question? Why should we cease to question? Why did that happen? Why did we let it? Why couldn’t we stop it?

The questions are many and the answers are few and far between.

Yet again we are faced by a new why. Why are the answers so few? Why does the unknown outbalance the known, and how do we know when we are there? How is the answer to be recognized for its veracity?

Why do we, the collective human race, focus so adamantly on the minor and so blatantly shun the major? Why is it that youth offers us the chance to have a black and white view of the world while adulthood exposes the grey’s?

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Bob said...

And why is it that so few realize the whys in every day life. Why can no one see the amazing capacity for one single word, yet when combined with the countless others that proceed or succeed it, there is an endless spectrum of why?