Monday, January 19, 2009

Poetry in Physics

Last semester I took a physics course, which at the time seemed to have been a bad idea but turned out alright. That said, I will never take a physics class again. I learned my lesson and I learned it quick.

Anyway during one of the class periods I grew particularly bored thus I turned to poetry. The following poem is the one that I began during that class and finished later that day during Trigonometry. A great use of my time, I know, but I passed both classes and that's all that matters, right...?


Tomorrow’s fly in and out,
And around
And about,
As I wonder and wander; and think and ponder.
Time like a cage consumes my time,
Routine binds and obligation compels,
Days drift and change foretells
But day to day
Same prevails.
To close my eyes and the world fades,
The peace of voices no longer
The quiet of darkness filled
With thoughts chatter
Like mice paws,
padding across the ground
The irregular beat,
of erratic movement
My thoughts
Buzz Hum
Turing around a solitary point
I worry and think; And think to worry
Torn at the seams, falling to pieces
Pooling uselessly to the ground
The cadence of despair
A future uncertain, Conflicting wants
And truths
And dreams
And realities
Lingering over the hope
For tomorrow
Trudging through the muck
Of today

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