Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intangibility of Time

Time is a funny and fleeting thing.

There are moments where we feel that the time we have is not enough. The lament, “If only I had more time...” is far too common. When asked why we didn’t complete an assignment, or make a call, or visit a friend, time remains our reason. “I didn’t have the time.”
And yet the reverse of this is true also.

There are moments in which we complain of too much time, although we don’t necessarily phrase it this way. More often than not the realization of this plight comes in the form of a complaint of boredom. Stuck in traffic, or stuck at work, or stuck at school, wherever it is we are convinced that it is a waste of our valuable time.

It’s a cycle that we are continually caught in. We are the hamster and time is our wheel. The only question that remains then is how may we abandon the wheel? How may we find value even in those moments that we see as wasted?

I don’t have the answers, though I share the plight. But it’s a question that I’d like think over and consider, because I’m tired of wasting time, and wasting energy over feeling that I am wasting time.

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