Friday, January 23, 2009

The Past

Is it strange to view the past as something tangible? At one moment all of our yesterdays are right there, laid out in front of us, close enough to touch; and the next moment they're so far way, separated by the great, unyielding abyss that is time.

If it were possible to run into your past selves just walking out and about, I'm certain I wouldn't recognize myself. I feel like I've changed so much in the last twenty years. The individual goes through so many changes within the course of a year, that to pin point to source of growth as a person develops into this insurmountable task.

Change you say? I hate to say that I've changed though, because while I have in a way obvious to myself, essentially I'm the same as I ever was. This is to say, anyone who knows me, and has known me for any amount of time may not be aware of the changes that I see in myself. I'm as reliable as I've ever been, and I still care fiercely about the people around me but I've also found that I'm more relaxed now than I've ever been. I feel more in control, and less weighted down. (Most of the time anyway, I still have my moments…) I also doubt myself less, which saves me from a lot of the stress that I once placed upon myself. (But sometimes the doubt is still difficult to ditch.)

[Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to expand on this in my two posts. Eh.]

This being said... Do you sense these changes in yourself? Do you think others notice these changes? Would you recognized the 'you' of the past if you saw them walking down the street?

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