Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Watch

The other day I broke my watch. Well, not technically the other day, more like last Saturday. And when I say I broke it, that’s not quite what I mean either… the watch itself is intact but I definitely ripped the band away from the watch itself.
It’s not something I did on purpose mind you.

You see I was at work last Saturday, and was working in the fudge shop. This means of course wearing gloves when handling the fudge, but then having to remove them every time you move to the register. So at some point I moved to the register and attempted to remove the glove, which got caught on my watch.

Instead of waiting until I was done with the customer and then moving away from the counter to inspect the situation, you know, like a rational person, I gave the glove a swift tug. This of course removed the glove, but also resulted in my watch flying off my wrist.

Of course, the customer was standing right there, and he very astutely said, “You broke your watch.” Really? How would I have noticed had he not pointed it out?

So anyway, I’ve gone since Saturday without a watch, because I keep forgetting to remedy the situation. Except for when I look at my wrist expecting my watch to be there… then I remember rather quickly.

Anyway, back to philosophy. Geez, it’s going to be a long night.

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