Wednesday, February 04, 2009

An Average Day

So I seem to be doing fairly well in the Into to Philosophy class that I’m taking online this semester… I mean grade wise. As far as how I am managing to do so, I have no idea. Quite honestly, for the most part, I have no idea what is going on in the class, and yet I seem to be passing. Therefore I am choosing to take it at face value, and not question it too much. If I can keep this up for the next few months it would be fantastic.

In other news, I put an application in at a local store. Hopefully I’ll get called back for an interview in the next few weeks. That would be awesome! Though turning in the application got me thinking about why I don’t enjoy the application and interview process.

For the most part, in order to secure a job you need to be good at promoting yourself. I am not particularly good at this. I can very easily pinpoint what I am not good at, but I often feel as though I’m not the best to judge what I am good at. But to some degree I think we’re all that way. It’s a common trait, being primarily aware of our faults and flaws.

I also managed to remedy my watch situation. Finally. It took me long enough, I know, but once a procrastinator always a procrastinator. I also think I did fairly well on the psychology test today. Hopefully I feel the same way next Wednesday after I take my first Algebra test. Though for the moment the semester is going by smoothly, and really that’s all I can ask for at the moment.

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