Sunday, February 15, 2009

Compounded Stress

Today did not go as planned. I thought I had the whole day to do homework, and write up my blog posts and just relax in general… Wrong on all counts. I got called into work and it was an all around cruddy day.

No one seemed to be clear on whether I actually needed to be there or not, or on when I was actually leaving, OR on who was going to give me my one allotted break. As it turned out I had to give myself a break, the other two issues were never really resolved but I made sure I was out of there by five.

What is so hard, first of all, about simple communication? Second of all, what is the deal with no one seeming to be capable of working when they are supposed to? It’s like they’ve got my number on speed dial over there. You don’t want to work? Well don’t worry, call Sandy, she’ll fix all your problems.

I need a break; I need a mental health day. What I really need is to breathe, just breathe.

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