Thursday, February 26, 2009

Personality Trait

“What aspect of your personality is strongest and least likely to change as you get older?”
I tend to commit to situations and people one-hundred and ten percent, it’s the way that I’ve always been and the way that I’ll probably always be. Whenever I give my word that something will get done I make certain that I follow through with that promise. I like to fulfill what I see as my obligations to other people.

Sometimes this results in my placing more responsibility on my own shoulders than I need to. It also more than occasionally results a lot of self-sacrifice. But for the most part this is something I can accept. It is more acceptable to me that I be inconvenienced by own decisions than someone else be.

If I say that I will be somewhere, or bring something, or do something than I ensure that it happens. In cases where I can’t be the one to complete the task I find a way for it to happen. It’s important to me that I’m seen as reliable. I like to know that other people are aware that I am someone that they can count on.

I’m certain that this is something that will always be true, and if it isn’t than I’d be sorely disappointed.

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