Monday, February 16, 2009

Treasure Troves

Used bookstores are treasure troves. Bookstores in general are amazing, but there is just something spectacular about used bookstores. They afford the perfect opportunity to stumble across new authors because you never know what you may find. The way that they shelve books often means that titles that wouldn’t usually be shelved together are.

If it weren’t for a used bookstore, I may never have come across Wally Lamb’s “I Know This Much To Be True”. I read it at least a year ago and yet the story still resonates and remains clear in my mind.

I really love this local used bookstore known as The Book Abbey. The shelves there are literally bursting with books. They’ve got this awesome credit program, and they have a punch card system set up so that once you fill the card you get three free books.

So recently I earned three free books and I got two of them today. They both sound really good, though I doubt I’ll get the chance to read them right away. My ‘to read’ pile is seriously huge. I can’t wait for spring break next week, I have some serious reading to do.

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