Friday, May 01, 2009

Covered in Frosting

I went to my cousin Wyatt’s birthday party. He just turned five, and therefore he is adorable. This is the same cousin that asked me several weeks ago when I was going to grow up. Little kids, you’ve got to love them!

The majority of my time at the party was devoted to keeping an eye on his little sister, who turned one in January. Peyton, much like her brother, is adorable. Once the food was finally ready she sat in my lap and I fed her bit of hot dog and macaroni and cheese. While I managed not to wear any of that portion of the meal, I ended up covered in a fair amount of frosting once the cake was served up…

It was a nice evening, though I’m glad to be back home and well away from the noise that is a room full of children five years and younger. As cute as they may all be, it’s nice to be able to have them around for a while and then send them back with their parents.

I finished my paper well after midnight last night and sent it off. I’m excited, as this means that I know am one math test away from being finished with this semester, and potentially having my associates degree!

I’m still waiting for the confirmation to come from WCC. This week marked six weeks since I applied for graduation, so I’ll give them another couple weeks before I start sending out the e-mails. That being said, I hate playing the waiting game…

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