Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Not Your Baby

I’m in! I just got the letter from MSU today, and I’m ecstatic. It’s so great to have some idea of what I’ll be doing and where I will be next fall. The suspense is finally over! Today was a very productive day. Not only did I finally get my answer from MSU, but I also got the chance to talk to my niece, it seemed to go well. I pray that it went as well as I hope it did.

In unrelated news… several days ago I made a new ‘friend’ on myspace, and it brought to mind how annoying I tend to find pet names to be; maybe not so much annoying as obnoxious. More specifically I abhor the use of the term “baby” when referring to anyone other than someone who is actually, you know, a baby. Following the same train of thought, “babe” is equally unacceptable.

This being a personal truth, it is no wonder that in the course of not only a single conversation but also a single sentence I was referred to as both “baby” and “babe” the other day.


What is so odd about it is that the person who said this has never actually met me. Maybe this isn’t so odd though considering that if they did know me they would know this to be true. In fact this was the first time that they had ever spoken with me.

This girl, who doesn’t know anything about me thought this would be a perfectly acceptable way in which to address me. I found it both annoying and obnoxious, but of course being the person that I seem to be I didn’t go out of my way to make note of my annoyance.

Although I must say she stopped talking with me rather abruptly. It seems I somehow managed to be a bit intimidating. Oops.

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