Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fragmented Truth

As I was sitting in the break room at work tonight I picked up a portion of Sunday's paper that was laying on the table. I love all of Mitch Albom's books, and so when I see his articles in the Free Press I like to read them. The particular article that caught my eye this evening was one of his entitled, "Our lives as seen through a window".

I found the concept really interesting. He considers how important windows are to our lives, whether we are in grade schoool dreaming of the playground just beyond out windows, a writer looking for inspiration , or an everyday individual facing our world. He recalled an apartment that he had in NYC and how his window faced a brick wall and grew to become assciated with a sense of clastrophobia.

The story that pervades the article however, is the preacher whose funeral Mitch Albom notes to have recently attended. He draws notices to the fact that the preacher wanted his office window to face his churches playground. This signified what was important to him, and thereby establishes the precedent for Albom's article. Our windows reflect what is important to us.

Near the end of the article Albom states: " And I realize how much we define the world by what we see through our windows".

I really like this idea because it eptomizes a universal truth that we often attempt to avoid. The world revolves around interpretation, whether it be mine, or yours, or that person that lives down the street. Not one of us necessarily see the world in the same way because our view from our windows differ. Our perspectives are different, and therefore our interpretations are different; not necessarily wrong in their diffrence and not necessarily right either. In fact in general our individual interpretations tend to be peices of the fragmented truth.

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