Monday, May 25, 2009

Technology Woes

Technology is not my friend at the moment, and Window’s Vista has certain never been my friend. Why can’t my computer just stop gross and work like it is supposed to, or even like it did say four months ago. Roughly four months ago, because I can’t be bothered to actually remember when this happened as it would be too helpful; my computer decided it no longer wanted to recognize the optical drives existence.

They are no longer communicating, which makes my life difficult which seems to be the theme of the universe.

So I have lived without an operational optical drive for some time now, and have recently embarked on correcting this issue. This is plan that I should never, ever have acted on because it has been nothing short a headache. I have tried installing driver updates, and BIOS, I’ve referred to the HP site and their advice… I’ve even reset the computer to its original factory settings managing to lose a couple files that I failed to remember I hadn’t backed up. Thankfully it was nothing vital.

My older brother works with computers. I let him take apart the drive and look it over, and by all appearances it should work. Following that inspection I “borrowed” my younger brothers computer, which is the same model and traded drives. I thought maybe the drive was the problem and since his worked before switching them, it was worth a shot.

Upon switching the optical drives I discovered that not only did the one from his computer still not show up on mine, but the drive that refused to exist on my computer worked just fine in his. O. M. G.

At this point based on what research I have conducted regarding the issue, because I’m not the only one who has had this particular problem with this particular model… It looks like the problem may be the motherboard. Now I am not fluent in computer, but this prospect doesn’t make me all that happy. To add insult to injury I can’t seem to communicate effectively with the HP support people to find out a concrete solution to my problem.

For the moment the prospect of just living with the mysteriously missing drive is appealing. Technology is short sucks.

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