Monday, May 11, 2009

A Long Day, A Long Night

I feel as though today has been majorly counterproductive. A large portion of the day was devoted to attempting to get my computer to recognize that my CD/DVD drive is in fact still connected to the computer. Stacey tinkered with it, but couldn’t seem to pinpoint what the problem is exactly.

I ended up switching the drive in my computer with the one in Shawn’s, only to discover that the drive is perfectly acceptable. It works just fine in his computer and for that matter the one that was originally in his computer works fine in his as well. Neither optical drive works in my computer.

My computer has decided it hates me. Obviously.

Last night, in an effort to fix the above problem I rebooted my entire computer bringing it back to its original factory settings. Of course, when I did this it didn’t occur to me that I had some music on my itunes that I had failed to back up. That was a hassle in itself since I ended up wrestling with my ipod until it agreed to cough up the songs that had nearly eluded my grasp.

I’m tired of fighting with technology. The evening doesn’t look much brighter from here. Though I have managed to save the majority of my music, and am now reinstalling itunes for the third time today, I still don’t know why my CD/DVD drive is refusing to work and my cousin is going into emergency surgery.

I’m hoping and praying that she comes through it ok, because the doctors are worried. My parents are down at the hospital now, and I’m here holding down the fort. These are the instances that make me nervous about the future. I know I’m ready to move forward, and yet in so many ways I know how much I’m needed… But she’ll be alright, we all will. We just have to move through this one step at a time, starting with tonight’s surgery. I’m putting this out there, and asking for prayers for my cousin and the doctors that will be with her in the next few hours. Pray for steady hands and a smooth operation.

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