Friday, May 15, 2009

Attitudes and Moronic Behavior

My potentially irate customer came in today. Thankfully I had everything all set so that there wasn’t any hassle, and when I wasn’t certain about something I pretended to be. That’s all any of us really do anyway, pretend to be completely on top of things even though we are fully aware of how much we aren’t aware of. He was slightly shorter than me; obviously this explains his attitude problem…

The drive in to work this morning was absolutely beautiful. The drive home on the other hand left something to be desired, it was grimly raining.

Skipping right along, I saw three MORONS today. I was driving home and was nearly here when two of the three ran across the five lane road without paying any regard to the cars that were using it. Not only did they dart across the road without paying even the slightest caution, but it was raining and fairly dark even though it wasn’t that late in the evening.

Several cars were most definitely fairly close to hitting them, though thankfully there was no accident as a result of their utter stupidity. I didn’t see the third kid cross the street, though they were all obviously together because once I managed home and had parked in my driveway I saw the little hoodlums come over the fence.

It was the most ridiculous, and stupid thing that I’ve seen in a while. These kids were old enough to know better to. If these are the individuals of the future, then it’s a scary future to imagine.

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