Thursday, May 07, 2009

Disconcerting Commercials

Commercials are annoying. When I watch television I tend to mute it during commercials.

So at the moment I am watching Grey’s Anatomy (or was), and during the last commercial break I had muted the t.v. and was surfing the internet. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there was a face plastered on the screen. There was no text, and the person did not appear to be speaking. This girl was just staring out at me from the t.v. screen.

That was disconcerting. Turns out it was some ad for toothpaste or whatever. In that context it makes sense, but when there is no sound to place with the image it’s a bit creepy.

Just a bit.

According to the tracking number on my latest book order, it’s in town. Hopefully that means it will be in my hands tomorrow. I could have “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” in my hands. Tomorrow. It’s exciting, I’m excited!

Michael J. Fox has a documentary that is playing on ABC at the moment. In it he documents some of his travels, looking for hope in places where maybe it’s not expected. It’s really interesting and it brings to mind Mattie J. T. Stapanek… I always found Mattie to be inspirational. With everything that he ever went through, he always thought about others. That was an important concept for me to be aware of in my early teenage years.

It’s important to always have some concept of the greater world around you.

Why is that only when faced with situations that seem difficult or more precisely are difficult, are we able to really look at the world around us? Maybe this isn’t always true, I’ll own up to using a large generalization here. It just seems that it’s often out of despair, or situations that should induce despair that hope and some form of clarity are reached.

I’m probably not being very clear here. My thoughts are all jumbled and they seem disconnected. But I think this is important. I think that it is always important to analyze the perspective that we place on situations and challenge ourselves to alter our perspectives. Only when we are able to look at a situation from multiple points of view can it be possible to gain any true sense of an event.

I think it’s time to go read. Or sleep, but I’ll probably end up reading…

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