Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awesome is the Word

Today was awesome, I love being at home!

By coming home from school last night, I skipped my classes this morning, but I could definitely afford to do it. The prospect of extra time spent here at home was just far too enticing. Plus, the way that I figure it my GPA is in good shape at the moment and so there's nothing to worry about.

This afternoon Sarah and I planned to go to Cabela's but first I stopped the The Book Abby, a local used bookstore. I picked up one of the two Mitch Albom books that I'm missing. Hopefully at some point while I'm home I'll manage to pick up the other one at another used bookstore. Maybe I'll finally go visit the one down in Toledo that I've been planning to visit.

Anyway, Sarah and I went to Cabela's and it was awesome to get to see everyone. I really do miss working there. It's strange to find yourself at a place in your life where you are content with where you are, and yet missing what you had. I frequently find myself caught in that conflict.

But, I did get it set up so that I can go back to work after finals. Call me crazy if you like, but I'm excited to be going back to work. It'll be awesome!

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