Thursday, November 12, 2009


I went and covered a lecture given by Karl Gude tonight for the SpartanEdge. I’ll set to writing the actual story tomorrow afternoon. I probably could have done it tonight, but my intention was to get some reading for class caught up.

Notice I say that was my intention… I let myself get a little distracted with the Internet. As helpful as the Internet can be at times, sometimes it is imperative to disconnect in order to get things accomplished.

I’ll get the reading that I need to do done; it’s just a matter of timing. I need to sit down with the intent to finish it, and then follow through on those intentions. It’ll happen, just not right this moment.

For the moment I can live with that reality. It’s my only option. Momentarily.

I’m considering going to Mexico for spring break. To phrase it differently, I would really like to go, but I need to discuss it with my dad. In general I am an adult, I can do as I please, but I feel like this is something that I need to get my parents used to.

It’s not just an idol visit to Mexico though. I’d be going with the group from His House, and we’d be building a house for people who don’t have one. It would be really similar to the mission trips that I went on in middle school, and in general it just sounds awesome.

It sounds like a worthwhile way to spend spring break, and I have said that I want to start getting into more volunteer work. Like I said, I’ve just got to approach my dad about it. I know he worries, and I’m not saying that he doesn’t have the right to, but the opportunity here… It would be an amazing opportunity, I guess that’s what I’m saying.

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